Daniel Michael DeLuca

Last updated on 08/10/14

I have on set experience and graduated from the Los Angeles Film School. I am a very dedicated and self-driven worker who can be trusted to get things done right. I have experience in working as a Producer, First Assistant Director', Key PA, Production Assistant, Boom Operator, Camera Man, Scr… Read more


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Credits and Employment History

18. "Sisterhood"- Script Supervisor
17. "'Dark Roads"- Script Supervisor
16. "Boysenberry Pie"- Script Supervisor
15. "Masked"- Script Supervisor
14. "Hear Me"- Script Supervisor
13. "Poison Control"- Producer
12. Tae Barz Music Video- First Assistant Director
11. 'USMC Documentary'- Motion Picture Productions
10. "Toe to Toe"-
Production Assistant
9. "Pest Services Commercial"- Production Assistant
8. "Good People"- Production Assistant
7. "Drip"-1st A.D.
6. "American Idol"- Production Assistant
5. "Safe House"- Production Assistant/Grip
4. "National Treasure 2"- Production Assistant
3. "John Adams"- Stand-In/Photo Double for the HBO miniseries
2. NBA-TV- Filmed Basketball games for the NBA, which was broadcast nationwide.
1. TV-16: Broadcast News Team Crew

Manassas Family Medicine- Front Office Staff

Production Assistant - Coffin

Skyrocket Productions

2010 - 2010

Assisted with Pre-Production and on the set during filming.

Script Supervisor - "Sisterhood"

Duly Noted, Inc

2010 - 2010

Script Supervisor for an action series from Duly Noted, Inc.

Foley Artist - "Dark Roads"

Jason Carpenter

2009 - 2009

Foley Artist for the film 'Dark Roads'.

Editor - "Operation: Chanology"


2009 - 2009

Edited the documentary that was screened in Los Angeles on December 4, 2009

Producer - "Without Words"

Miguel Bocanegre

2009 - 2009

Produced the film 'Without Words'.

Producer - Poison Control

Aaron Sweeting

2009 - 2009

Producer for 'Poison Control'. Directed by: Aaron Sweeting

Script Supervisor - Hear Me

Alejandro Martinez

2009 - 2009

Script Supervisor for the film 'Hear Me'

Script Supervisor - My Name is Billy

Remii Huang

2009 - 2009

Script Supervised for the film 'My Name is Billy'

Script Supervisor - Dark Roads

Jason Carpenter

2009 - 2009

Script Supervised for the film 'Dark Roads'

Script Supervisor - Boysenberry Pie

Miguel Angel Gonzalez Avila

2009 - 2009

Script Supervised for the film 'Boysenberry Pie'

Script Supervisor - "All Night Vigil"

LA Film

2008 - 2008

Script Supervisor for the film 'All Night Vigil'.

Assistant Director (2nd) - Piano in the Room

Stuart Gordon

2008 - 2008

2nd Assistant Director for 'Piano in the Room'

Assistant Director (1st)

Skyrocket Productions

2008 - 2008

Tae Barz Music Video- 'Shawty can we'. Directed by Crystal Owens

PA - Office - Toe to Toe

Pureland Pictures

2008 - 2008

Production Assistant for 'Toe to Toe'. Directed by Emily Abt

PA - Set - Good People

Black Ink Films

2008 - 2008

Production Assistant for the feature film 'Good People' by Lewis Long III

Assistant Director (1st) - Drip

Bodily Harm Pictures, LLC

2007 - 2007

Was hired as 1st A.D. for a low-budget horror/thriller.

Production Assistant - American Idol

American Idol Productions

2007 - 2007

Worked as a Production Assistant for American Idol Auditions: Season 7

Production Assistant - Safe House

Skyrocket Productions

2007 - 2007

I was stationed both on the film set and the production office. I created forms on Excel, transported the cast and crew, strike sets, maintain base camp, brainstorm for solutions for multiple problems on the set, operated boom, assemble scripts, and many other tasks around the set and production office.

Production Assistant - National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

Jerry Bruckheimer Films

2007 - 2007

I prepped filming locations, such as the Library of Congress in Washington DC. I also supervised the extras, worked security, operated the freight elevator, and several other tasks that needed to be done.

Stand-In and Photo Double - John Adams

HBO/Braintree Productions

2007 - 2007

Was a Stand-In for the character of John Quincy Adams. Also was hired to be the photo body double during the Boston Massacre scene.

Camera Operator - Rim Rockers


2006 - 2006

Operated the camera and broadcast several Basketball games that was broadcast nationwide on NBA-TV.

News Crew - 5:00 News


2005 - 2005

Duties for News Crew: 1. Teleprompter 2. Sound 3. Video operator 4. Camera Operator 5. News Story Writer 6. Floor Director

Industry Qualifications

1. Was a fully trained member of a Broadcast News Crew.

2. Was trained on how to correctly prep locations during "National Treasure 2"

3. Was trained during "Safe House" for Boom Operator

4. I use Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint) daily.

5. Several years experience in a very fast-paced office. During these years I have developed proper phone and people skills, improved organizational methods, scheduling abilities, management responsibilities, and a reputation for being trusted to get any job done in a fast-paced manor, while maintaining high quality.

6. Trained in editing with Final Cut Studio and AVID


Los Angeles Film School '09

- Associates of Science in Film

Technical Equipment

MacBook Pro equipped with Microsoft Office Applications, wireless internet, Avid, Final Cut Studio, Adobe CS, iPad, and Final Draft.

Other Skills/Additional Information

1. Almost 10 Years working in a professional office setting, utilizing skills such as Answering Phones, Taking Messages, Finding Charts, Data Entry, Organization, Calling Clients, Scheduling Appointments, Interacting with Clients, and anything else that was asked of me.

2. Creative thinker- Can solve problems quickly in stressful situations. Can also improvise and come up with unique solutions to problems that are not encountered every day.

3. Screenplay writer

4. Great memory

5. Learning Italian

6. Movie Buff- It took an entire classroom to 'tie' me in a game of Scene-it. Whether it is a Hollywood production or a low-budget B-movie, I will watch and study it.